Imagine hair which truly has no synthetic added. Hair that does not tangle and is beautiful all year round. It is not sensitive to heat which means you can flat iron it, roller set it, or wear it in salt water or fresh water. Its exceptional quality is hard to find anywhere else in the world.

E.R.E.N.A. specializes in Custom Blending on premises right in front our customers. Hair is not pre packaged, every order is custom made upon order. We make the exact color, texture and length to your specification. Whether it's Streaks or Frosting, we prepare as ordered.

What sets our hair apart is the way it looks and feels. As soon as your fingers touch our hair you will feel the difference. Because it is not mixed with any silicone or animal fiber like most of the hair on the market, you will see and feel how natural and pure it is instantly. Use our hair for weaving, braiding or extensions or to enhance your own hair to any capacity. You may cut it, dye it, wash it or play with it, treat it like your own.

We are the innovators of Pound Hair and Remy Pound Hair. These qualities are the secrets of celebrities which we are now making public. The reasons celebrities appear to grow natural, beautiful hair over night is Pound Hair and Remy Pound Hair which E.R.E.N.A. supplies. Remy Pound Hair is the highest grade Remy on the market. It is double drawn AAA + quality which is higher quality than ordinary virgin Remy. We are changing the market and making our quality hair accessible to everyone at an affordable price. Pound Hair is not hair you use once and throw away; it is hair you use over and over again for more than a year.

Our Hair is shipped in beautiful Pouches keeping with the E.R.E.N.A. standard of excellence. Each Pouch has a weight of approximately 7.5-8 ounces which is the equivalent of 2 packs and is enough to do a full head of Weave. 1/2 and 1/4 Pouches are also available.

Whether your intention is to feel exotic or professional, this hair will fill your desire. Impress your friends and capture the attention of your spouse, by wearing the highest quality hair on the market.

Don't forget our Signature Wig collection which is the only wig collection on the market with Pound Hair and Remy Pound Hair. You will be blown away with your own transformation from straight to curly to kinky in a few minutes. Dazzle your friends with our Hair collections.