E.R.E.N.A. is a Manufacturer, Wholesaler and Retailer of human pound hair.  

We do not buy finished hair and then resell it. We buy only raw, real human hair.  We are not a middleman.  We have partnered with not one, but several outstanding hair companies in India and China. With our reputation and longevity in the business, our quality control department is able to hand select each ounce of hair from the various companies, making sure only the best quality is accepted. The hair is then brought to America where it goes through our unique patented technique to produce the finest hair on the market today.  We are the company that has placed Pound hair and Remy Pound Hair on the map. We promise you that no one can give you this quality hair on the market today at our price. We also offer a one of a kind service called refurbishing, where our customers are able to send us hair they have purchased from us and we refurbish it for a minimal cost so they can wear it again and again.

About the Owner/Founder, President and CEO Mr Phillip Baker

Mr. Baker has perfected his skills over the past 17 years in business, creating gorgeous Hair and Hair Care products that are second to none in the world. His Hair blending, and Hair enhancement techniques are sought after by many individuals in the industry.